Applimation, Inc. (formerly Tickmark, Inc.)
Virtual VP Marketing Services - Strategy, CRM, cost-efficient marketing, customer communications, branding, sales tools

"Kathy Kinka of Aurora worked with Tickmark Solutions for over two years as our Virtual Vice President of Marketing. During this time, she led the marketing efforts of our start-up software company and was a member of our 6-person management team. We were extremely pleased with the results. When Tickmark merged with Crystallize, Inc. funded by Battery Ventures, Kathy managed a huge project to re-brand the merged company with a new image that reflected the market capitalization appropriate to our new business vision. As CEO of Tickmark I valued her guidance and vast experience in creating and growing a company. I highly recommend her."
Mark Nelson,
Vice President Sales & Operations

Market and business strategy, communication, sales & strategies, branding

"Aurora works closely with the management team not only in developing your vision, strategy and goals but also in implementing them. Aurora helps you in all aspects of growth: maintain your sharp focus, recruit senior team members, business planning and presentation, sales and marketing strategy, etc. In short, Aurora becomes an integral part of the senior management team."
Mahesh Muchhala,
President and CEO

The Pacesetter Group
Branding, market positioning, differentiation versus competition

"As a successful management consulting firm, we are experts in the "business of consulting". As an indication of our respect for Aurora's capabilities and experience, not only are we pleased to recommend Aurora's services to potential customers - we've used them ourselves!"
Michael Hierl,

Pyramid Vision Technology, Inc.
Virtual VP Marketing, Updates & Upgrades

Kathy's expertise is a rare combination of marketing strategy, marketing communications and sound execution. She has helped create a market strategy for PVT from its formative stages to its current stage as a multi-million dollar concern. With her insights into customer psychology and impeccable communication skills, she has time and again enabled PVT to translate a technology story into a winning customer proposition. Even more remarkable perhaps is her attention to detail and pragmatism, which ensure that her suggestions not only make sense, they also work. Kathy is a rare consultant who will be willing to own your marketing problem, keeping your budget in mind. Her deep real-world experience in marketing strategy, communication and focused execution, enables her to accomplish what teams of people take longer to. She is a delight to work with and is the reason PVT has relied on her since our formation 5 years ago.
Deepam Mishra,
Vice President & Co-Founder

Synthesis Electronics/Home Animation
Business & marketing strategy & implementation

"I have worked with Kathy Kinka from Aurora Management Consultancy on many different projects over the last two and a half years. Kathy has been an invaluable asset in focusing our marketing, branding, public relations and communications literature to produce a high return on investment. I have recommended Kathy to two other businesses who have had similar favorable experiences."

John Romanowich,

Logical Apps, Inc.
Customer interviews, trade show themes and implementation for lead
generation, update collateral & website, market strategy advisory

"On several occasions Aurora developed and conducted Customer and Prospect Interviews for us and analyzed the resulting data, to obtain objective, independent input. Several clear patterns emerged and this information proved valuable for setting future business directions, as well as immediately creating new processes in areas that our customers appreciated. I feel that this type of project keeps us aligned and highly functioning in our fast- changing market, and our customers know that we care and act on their input. We were able to institute changes that kept pace with our company's rapid growth and got our services to the next level."

Chris Capdevila

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