Customer Management Services
Customers are your most important business asset. In addition to contributing current revenue, they determine your future through repeat business and their positive or negative comments. Customers who extend your revenues must feel that their business objectives have been met, not only by your products or services, but also by the internal business processes and attitudes they encounter. Aurora develops the customer insight and processes for high payoff customer management.
Customer Experience Assessments - Independent, in-depth evaluations of customers' experiences with your company. Dimensions may include strategies, business processes, communications, competition, and the alignment of that experience with your business goals. Recommendations for targeted changes are provided.
Customer Revenue & References - Are you meeting your customer goals? Strategies & recommendations for increasing customer retention, upsells, multi-product sales, license & renewal revenues, product feedback, references, or testimonials. Project management for implementation is provided.
Customer Marketing Plans - Customers want to be treated
differently than prospects. We define customer objectives, create customer marketing plans and implementation programs to achieve revenue and communication goals for your customer base.
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